Some key terms to know as you navigate How Blank:

Accents -- God's way of making us laugh at each other's differences.
Anal -- Adjective that could be translated as "giving too many f---s" or "having to do with the anus."
Broach -- Bring up (a subject) for discussion or debate.
Dastardly -- Cowardly and mailicious; sneaky, like the English language.
Fat -- Proper noun for an overweight human.
F--- -- Profanity; something of which we all give at least one.
Flopping -- LeBron being LeBron.
John Steinbeck -- Kavanaugh's favorite bon vivant.
John Sterling -- Idiot/comedic genius play-by-play man for the Yankees.
Mildly offensive -- Pretty funny.
NBA -- National Basketball Association; underrated home of the greatest athletes in the world.
Newman -- Short phrase that can be uttered to convey frustration (sometimes with a fist-clench).
Non-rich -- Person that can't afford to take nice vacations or get a big Christmas tree.
The Office -- Better than Seinfeld, according to FranT.
Peach Lake -- Summer skelling ground of FranT and Kavanaugh.
Poop -- Something that will always be funny.
Seinfeld -- Better than The Office, according to Kavanaugh.
Skell -- dirtbag alcoholic, of which there are five varieties.
Southie -- Kavanaugh's neighborhood in Boston; full of skells.
The Simpsons -- Funniest show ever made.
Topanga -- Everyone's favorite hottie from childhood; the name of FranT's future daughter.
Walt "Clyde" Frazier -- Former point guard and current color commentator for the Knicks; inventor of many phrases, including "swishing and dishing," "dancing and prancing," and "stumbling and bumbling."
Woodlawn -- FranT's neighborhood in the Bronx; full of skells.

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