Saturday, April 15, 2017

How Can You Tell if Someone's Really "Green"?

This is a simple test to figure out if a person is actually environmentally conscious. Everyone with a young child can relate to it.

Here's the hypothetical: You're changing your kid's soiled diaper in a parking lot. You manage to finish without getting poop on your hand or the carseat. (Or, you've gotten it on your hand, but you've sorta cleaned it off with a baby wipe.) Now, you encounter a problem: there are no garbage cans or dumpsters in the lot.

The moment of truth: Do you ditch the diaper on the ground? Or do you bring it home with you and suffer through the stench for the rest of your ride?

(For me, the answer is probably to keep the diaper in the car if it came from the three-month-old but to ditch it in the lot if it was produced by the two-year-old.)

Way more than who you voted for, this test displays where you stand on environmental issues. If you're really green, you'll keep the brown in your hybrid car.

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