Monday, October 24, 2016

How Cute Are These Aspects of Baseball?

During my men's softball game last week, I had an interesting conversation with a spectator that led me to think about the lovely nuances of baseball. A lady who was watching (one of our opponents' WAGs, no doubt) asked why someone on our team got his glove brought to him each inning. I explained that it's a courtesy players provide for a teammate who's been left on base or made the last out. It's a very standard custom on the diamond, for sure. "Oh, that's really cute," she said to me and her friend.

Which ... I guess it is kind of cute. I wouldn't normally use that term refer to anything done by tubby middle-age softball players. But, yeah ... bringing a glove to a teammate is kind of cute.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

How Does My Classroom Look?

Oh, hey. Sorry I've been scarce, but it's been tough to write since we've only been getting one or two Jewish holidays off each week.

The new school year is already hitting Month 2. If you're at all interested in public education, urban education, or how you could use basketball sneakers to teach kids, you can check out a video of my classroom here:

Ugh, it's horrible hearing yourself talk, isn't it?

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