Thursday, September 29, 2016

How Idiotic Is This Football-Crazed Zealot?

In the September 19 issue of Sports Illustrated, Kalyn Kahler wrote an interesting story about increased youth participation in flag football. Toward the end of the story, Kahler reached a member of the knuckle-dragger community for comment:

Stephen Piercy, a Fort Mill tackle coach who recently joined the program, said he isn't concerned about the safety because of the many precautions in place. "Football is as safe a sport as I believe there is," Piercy said.

I can at least understand some parents who allow their young children to play tackle football. I might not agree with all of them, but any of the following reasons might be valid:
  • Football is fun as hell.
  • Football is great exercise.
  • Football promotes self-discipline.
  • Football teaches teamwork.
  • Football rewards toughness.
  • Football builds community.
  • Football is a family bonding experience.
But people like this Piercy fellow, who wants kids to play because it's "as safe a sport" as there is? That's a whole new level of denial and idiocy. If I were Stephen Piercy's kid, I wouldn't want to study with Dad, especially if the schoolwork required reason or logic.

As far as football goes, it's possible that Piercy is a good coach. But I'm positive I would't trust him to run my team's offense or defense.

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