Monday, August 29, 2016

How Can We Determine the Yankees' MVP?

'Tis the season for the MVP arguments to begin. Should a closer really be considered for the MVP? Can someone other than Francisco Lindor be considered the MVP of the Indians? Is Mike Trout really gonna get shafted again, by voters and even his own manager? September always provides plenty of fodder for such discussions.

The smell of the MVP aroma in the late-summer air got me thinking about who has been the most valuable Yankee this season. It's tempting to call Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman the team MVP because of the substantial trade hauls both guys brought back. After all, it was extremely valuable how both players helped situate the team for sustained contention over the next decade. Either of those guys would be a terrific choice if the Yanks had pulled a Flashman and completely surrendered after their busy trade deadline. But the team has gone 15-10 in August and still has an outside shot at playoff contention. So let's give the MVP to someone who's helped keep the squad watchable deep into the season.

So who has been the most valuable Yankee this season? You can look at it from a few different angles:

Friday, August 19, 2016

How Boring Were These Olympic Events?

These Olympics, like all the ones before it, have boasted their share of awe-inspiring displays of athleticism, the burnishing of legacies, wild photo finishes, and heartwarming moments that might make even the most ruthless competitor tear up a bit. In Rio, all of that great stuff happened despite widespread corruption and protest, a messy "armed robbery" case, an embarrassing sex "scandal", and much else to make cynics roll their eyes at the very idea of the "Olympic spirit."

You know what else has been mixed in with all that goodness and badness? A healthy dose of dullness.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Did Sterling Call Gary Sanchez's First Homer?

Yankees catcher-of-the-future Gary Sanchez blasted his first career home run, a back-waller to center field at Fenway on Wednesday night. Here's how John Sterling called what we hope will be the first of many for Sanchez:
When the Yanks called up Sanchez earlier in the season, here's what I predicted:

Monday, August 8, 2016

How Much Is a YETI Worth?

This blog has been pretty slow during these dog days of summer, due to the combination of moving* and vacation.

*Oh, moving... There's a great Louis CK joke about the law against murder being the number one thing preventing murder. Well, with all the obstacles and idiots I had to deal with while moving, that joke definitely applied to me. Big-time.

One of our recent trips was our second-annual jaunt to the Jersey Shore, which is in many ways a week-long commercial for YETI coolers. Last year, each day I timed the first utterance of the word "YETI" and it usually happened within five minutes of sitting down on the beach. This year, the YETI craze reached new heights.

Monday, August 1, 2016

How Can We Compare the Recent Yankees Trades to Action Movies?

Well, the Yanks finally did it. They enacted the fie sale that many of us have been waiting for, so much so that their recent transaction page looks like a description of Chicago circa 1871.

Chapman! Miller! Beltran! Nova! Burn this baby down! 

For months, I was Nervous Pervis every time Miller entered a game or Beltran came to the plate, for fear that precious trade value might disappear with a serious injury. Basically, I gave this Yankees team a Ray Guy-level punt at some point in June and I was just worried that the organization's Tampa contingent wouldn't do the same until it was too late.

Now, it's a little depressing that rebuilding is officially underway in the Bronx, but I'll be dreaming about the Yankees offering half of Greenwich Village to Manny Machado and the entire Upper West Side to Bryce Harper at the end of 2017. In honor of the front office's major activity of the past week, here are five action movie comparisons to help us put those transactions into perspective: