Saturday, December 19, 2015

How Improbable Is Dorial Green-Beckham's Name?

Let's talk for a few moments about Titans rookie receiver Dorial Green-Beckham. Green-Beckham sports a hyphenated name that contains the surnames of two of the best five receivers in the NFL. His name is made up of the names of the guys who dominate the league at his own position. Think about that.

This situation is akin to the Miami Marlins having an obscure young pitcher named Jimmy Arrieta-Kershaw, or the Sacramento Kings featuring a backup point guard named Jamal Paul-Curry. It'd be like an up-and-coming comedienne named Katie Fey-Poehler or a hot young rapper called Dante West-Lamar.

If those cross-sport and cross-culture comparisons don't appeal to you, you can represent the Green-Beckham scenario as a visual math problem...

I've written before about confusingly similar athlete names, and Green-Beckham's moniker is one of the most fascinating ever. I don't think we've ever seen anything quite like it.

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