Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Nerve-Racking Is the One-Game Baseball Playoff?

As I "look forward" to the Yankees' one-game playoff against the Astros tonight, I thought of some things that MLB's play-in games resemble.

The one-game playoff in baseball is like...
  • If the first round of the NFL playoffs were decided by a game that went straight to overtime. 
  • When you're making a grilled cheese and you're really hungry so you turn the flame on way too high and burn the sandwich to a crisp. The losing team basically just eats that terrible sandwich while the winner gets another shot at making a decent grilled cheese. There's no guarantee that the second one will be any good, either.
  • The last scene in the first Hunger Games, when Katniss and Peeta are the only surviving contestants. Fortunately for the Yankees, they can murder Dallas Keuchel and the Astros like Katniss should've finished off Peeta. Unfortunately, like Katniss, the Yanks would have another battle to the death waiting for them in the ALDS against the Royals.
  • Space Jam. The one-game playoff is like the final game in Space Jam, a winner-take-all extravaganza that doesn't necessarily reflect the teams' true talent. (Michael Jordan was amazing, but I still think the Monstars should have won. After all, Newman was one of the Tune Squad's key players.)
  • Speaking of Newman, MLB's one-game playoff game is as diabolical as any of the Seinfeld villain's nefarious schemes.
Anyways, all of those terrible comparisons ran through my head as I thought about the absurdity of the game the Yankees will play tonight. My thoughts were about as straight as a banana curl around first base. As I was teaching about the Civil War this morning, I'm pretty sure I told my students that Carlos Correa surrendered to Masahiro Tanaka at Appomattox Courthouse.

On the bright side, most of the things that resemble baseball's one-game playoff are fun. The NFL, Space Jam, grilled cheese, and Newman from Seinfeld are all fun. Ergo, tonight's game should be pretty fun. Unless, of course, it's not.

Go Yanks.

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