Sunday, August 23, 2015

How Did John Sterling Call Greg Bird's First Homers?

I meant to put up a post about this as soon as the Yankees promoted Greg Bird to the big leagues, but a vacation to Cape Cod and my former traveling buddy Ken's wedding prevented me from writing it. Just as I've been doing all season, I was planning on predicting John Sterling's home run call for Bird. My post about Sterling's "uproarious" call of Didi Gregorius's dingers got a bunch of traffic, so obviously I'm not the only idiot who cares about Sterling's self-serving, obnoxious, entertaining verbal ejaculations. But alas, the 22-year-old Bird went deep twice last Wednesday, completely beating me to the punch.

Quite inconsiderate timing by Bird, I must say.

For what it's worth, I was hoping Sterling would pay homage to Family Guy and annoyingly sing "Bird is the word" over and over again.

Instead, Sterling went with a solid "Bye Bye Birdie" call for the rookie's round-trippers. On the scale of 1 to "Gardy goes yardy," Sterling's newest home run call warrants a score of 7. Good work there by Jawn.

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