Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How Nicely Did Garrett Keep up with the Joneses?

I have to admit it. This one was easier to forecast than the fact that Caitlyn Jenner will star in a new reality show. But still, I nailed this one. Before the season started, here's something I predicted:

"Now, let's look at some of the Yankees' new arrivals and try to predict how [John] Sterling will call their home runs:

Garrett Jones: 'Garrett keeps up with the Joneses!'"

While I missed the target a little bit with Sterling's calls of Didi Gregorius dingers, I nailed the announcer's Jones call. Here's what Sterling exclaimed after the lefty smashed a three-run homer in the eleventh to put the Yankees ahead for good on Tuesday night:

(Start at the 0:47 mark.)

Sterling's exact call: "Garrett, keeping up with the Joneses! He leaves his Garrett and drills a three-run home run..."

So I guess I should've written "keeping" instead of "keeps." Other than that, I'm on to you, John Sterling. And Garrett kept up with the Joneses again on Wednesday afternoon, hitting another go-ahead homer in a Yankees win. Just another day of keeping up with the Joneses, whatever the hell that means.

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