Monday, May 25, 2015

How Uproarious Is Sterling's Newest Home Run Call?

The Yankees have been playing like white dog shit the past two weeks, dropping nine of their past 10 games. That doesn't mean fans have had nothing to enjoy, though. No, I'm not talking about Bernie Williams' retired number ceremony. I'm also not talking about Slade Heathcott's impressive debut. I'm referring to Didi Gregorius's first homer in pinstripes, a three-run shot he belted on Friday night.

Sure, the tater was just a moral victory in the Yanks' failed comeback bid. But it was notable for John Sterling's home run call on WFAN. Before the season, many Yankee fans were excited about the options Gregorius's fantastic name presented to Sterling. Here's what I predicted:

"The Yankees needed a Didi for that drive!" (Or, "Gruh-, Gruh-, Gruh-, Gregooorious" sung to the tune of "Notorious B.I.G.")

Instead, here's what Sterling went with (beginning 0:36 into the video above):
"Gregorius makes Yankee fans ... uproarious! Yes, in-Didi!"

Gregorius's homer cut the Yankees' deficit from 7-1 to 7-4, but with the team trailing by three runs, I suspect that Sterling's heart wasn't really in it. Even worse was Saturday afternoon when Gregorius again went yard, this time with his team trailing 15-1. The video doesn't include Sterling's call, and I couldn't find it elsewhere. I can tell you, though, that Yankee fans were decidedly NOT uproarious.

I'd give Sterling's newest signature call a 4 on the scale of 1 to "Gardy goes yardy." Definitely not the obnoxious broadcaster's best work. I just hope that Gregorius will eventually give him another chance with a more meaningful homer.

Note: Garrett Jones also hit his first homer with the Yankees on Friday. If you have any information on Sterling's home run call from that shot, please send it my way. My Internet sleuthing has been subpar at best.

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