Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Much Does Dallas Braden Resemble Councilman Jamm?

Every time I watch Baseball Tonight, I can't help noticing a resemblance:

On the left is Baseball Tonight analyst (and former big-league pitcher) Dallas Braden. On the right is the combative Councilman Jamm from Parks and Recreation

I think I noticed this similarity because I often think about baseball when I watch Michael Schur's TV shows. After all, I compared Jacoby Ellsbury to Creed Bratton last month, and I imitated Schur's old Fire Joe Morgan site in a post the month before that. I guess it's natural to compare Schur's characters to baseball personalities, since Schur often looks for opportunities to inject baseball-related jokes into his shows. Anyways, I Google-searched "dallas braden looks like councilman jamm," but I think this resemblance is too obscure for anyone else to have noticed.

Nevertheless, the similarities between Braden and Jamm don't stop with their looks. Like Pawnee's resident orthodontist, Braden has a manic personality and often talks nonsense. For instance, as he discussed Chris Sale's potent fastball-slider combination on Thursday night's show, Braden unleashed this gem: "When you're featuring a 93-mile-an-hour cheese biscuit with the 80-mile-an-hour slideball, that thing just drops off the table." Cheese biscuit? Slideball? That quote was about as moronic as anything Jamm ever said.

Remember that stupid story a few years ago about how Braden took exception when A-Rod ran across the pitcher's mound after a foul ball? After inducing an inning-ending double play on the next pitch, I wonder if Braden punctuated it with the fictional councilman's catchphrase: "You just got Jammed!"

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