Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How Misguided Is the Mets' Local Ad?

The comedy that usually accompanies low-budget local TV commercials has carried over to the sports world. Here's a screenshot of a recent ad promoting the upcoming Mets season on PIX 11:

If you couldn't tell, that's Curtis Granderson winding up to throw a dying quail toward the infield. When I saw the clip of Granderson crow-hopping at the end of this Mets commercial, I was confused. Why is that included in any sort of highlight package? I thought. From his days with the Yankees, I remembered the Grandy Man possessing an arm just slightly better than predecessors Bernie Williams and Johnny Damon, the king and prince of the wimpy throw.

I checked Fangraphs to make sure I wasn't misremembering Granderson's arm strength, and the site confirmed my recollection. Last year, according to Fangraphs' ARM stat (Outfield Runs Above Average), Granderson cost the Mets 7.7 runs with his arm. In Citi Field's spacious outfield, Granderson is about as useful as Mr. Met with a T-shirt cannon.

There has been some talk lately of the Mets surpassing the Yankees as New York's most relevant baseball team, and I wrote as much in yesterday's post. But PIX 11's advertising team should stick to clips of Matt Harvey, David Wright, and Jacob deGrom. Showing Granderson's throwing arm to promote your team is like promoting the Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart movie Get Hard by showing clips of T.I.

Then again, maybe I'm just cynical about the Mets' local ad because it can't hold a candle to the greatest local ad ever made:

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