Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How Is Jacoby Ellsbury Similar to Creed Bratton?

After seeing the egg* Jacoby Ellsbury and his teammates laid on Opening Day, ESPN's Andrew Marchand wrote about the fact that Ellsbury has largely escaped criticism in his year in New York. Marchand pointed out that despite the center fielder's exorbitant contract and the team's lack of success, Ellsbury has avoided much of the media and fan scrutiny one might expect.

*I was at Yankee Stadium for the game, and it was a nasty-smelling egg. After Halloween one year, I accidentally left a few eggs in my closet for several months. The Yankees' Opening Day performance was in the same league as those malodorous eggs.

While I read Marchand's column, I couldn't help but compare Ellsbury to one of my favorite TV characters, Creed Bratton from The Office. From Marchand's article: "[H]e is rather invisible; especially in the clubhouse. He is as fast in and out of the locker room as he is on the base paths and, when you do catch him, he is not very revealing. This only matters because it makes him even more unnoticed."

If you substituted "office" for "clubhouse" and "conference room" for "base paths", that quote could easily describe Creed, the former hippie who latches/leeches on at Dunder Mifflin for his twilight years. Like Ellsbury, Creed shows up every day and endures little scrutiny. His lack of accountability allows him to forget his job title and to abuse the leeway the company affords him.

Let's hope we're not looking back in a few years and feeling like Ellsbury robbed the Yankees the same way Creed robbed his co-workers. Because unlike Creed, New York writers know how to use the Internet. And Ellsbury can't escape accountability forever.

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