Monday, April 13, 2015

How Does Chris Davis Drive O's Fans to Drink?

Last year, Chris Davis led all major leaguers by striking out in about one-third of his plate appearances. In a season that featured more K's than a Clemens family photo, Davis whiffed more frequently than any of his peers. As a Yankees fan who was forced to watch years of Jason Giambi, I sympathize with how Orioles fans must feel about all those strikeouts.

Take a look at this clip from Baltimore's game against the Yankees on Monday night. The video was taken in the sixth inning, right after Davis struck out with a runner on third and one out in a tie game.

Davis struck out in the one situation in which so many other outcomes would plate the go-ahead run. But so what? you might say. We already established that Davis strikes out all the time.

True. Now, go back and watch the video again. Look in the stands. Do you see them?

Yeah, that's two O's supporters just guzzling their frustrations away. As soon as the camera panned away from Davis, they both aggressively upended their beers. The best part is that it looks like the two fans are sitting separately. So it's not like that's two buddies playing "1-2-3, Chug" or something. Just a couple Birds fans of a feather who've grown far too accustomed to watching their former 50-homer man swing and miss.

All told, during Baltimore's 6-5 loss to the Yankees, Davis struck out all four times he came to the plate, including the instance mentioned above as well as a crippling two-out, bases-loaded whiff in the seventh inning. Even with Monday's Golden Sombrero, Davis's strikeout rate is "only" at 28.6% for this season. Nonetheless, it's steadily climbing; there will be plenty more opportunities for O's fans to chug beer as the season wears on.

The overarching lesson here? When Chris Davis gives you little else to cheer about ... Cheers!

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