Thursday, April 2, 2015

How Did I Miss These Two Mascots?

A few weeks ago, I came up with a parallel from The Simpsons for every single baseball mascot. At least I thought I did, using the "List of Major League Baseball mascots" Wikipedia page. However, today I read journeyman relief pitcher Burke Badenhop's entertaining cameo on Grantland. In that piece, Badenhop linked to the Brewers' new mascot. It was my first glimpse of Barrelman. I already compared multiple Brewers mascots to Simpsons characters, so what's one more? I also have an addendum to make to the Yankees section of that original post.

Milwaukee Brewers
Mascot: Barrelman
Simpsons Parallel: Homer's love of beer

Since Barrelman's just a barrel of beer, he's a pretty good representative of the city of Milwaukee. (I visited my sisters at Marquette a few years ago, and let's just say it's a good thing that the liver regenerates.) While I compared Bernie Brewer to Dufffman, I'm just going to parallel Barrelman to Homer's general affinity for sudsy bevvies. If Homer got loaded enough at a Springfield Isotopes game to turn into Dancin' Homer, he'd probably get alcohol poisoning if he ever attended a Brewers game. Other than that risk, Homer probably wouldn't feel out of place hanging out with Barrelman in Milwaukee. In Season 13, when Springfield becomes America's fattest city, Homer exclaims "Woohoo! In your face, Milwaukee!" Yeah, Homer would feel right at home in Brew City.

New York Yankees
Mascot: Freddy
Simpsons Parallel: Old Jewish Man

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In my original post, I treated the Yankees as of the few MLB teams without a mascot, eventually just comparing the team to Monty Burns. And while the team has never named an official mascot, I neglected Freddy of "Freddy Sez" fame. Before he died in 2010, Freddy was a staple of Old Yankee Stadium, and he represented a highlight of each game I attended as a kid. We couldn't leave the Stadium without hitting Freddy's pan with a spoon. Freddy was enough of a mascot that he rode down the Canyon of Heroes during World Series parades and was honored by the team after his death.

Anyways, Freddy directly parallels the Simpsons character known simply as "Old Jewish Man," in both appearance and description.

Sorry I missed you the first time, Freddy. The Stadium's not the same without you playing the role of the Yankees' mascot.

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