Thursday, March 12, 2015

How Would These Baseball-Related Parent-Teacher Conferences Go?

Today's supposed to be Day 20 of my baseball preview, but I have a bit of a conflict: five hours of parent-teacher conferences. During a short break in the action now (we have a couple hours to grab some food), I'm coming at you with a short post. Sorry about the quick pitch.

Here are five famous baseball parents and what they probably heard at parent-teacher conferences:

Parent: Cal Ripken, Sr.
Child: Cal Ripken, Jr.
Teacher's Comment: "Cal has perfect attendance, again."

Parent: Harry "Big Pete" Rose
Child: Pete Rose
Teacher's Comment: "Despite his relative lack of talent in some subjects, your boy works really hard. However, we did catch him gambling in the schoolyard before school on several occasions."

Parent: Ken Griffey, Sr.
Child: Ken Griffey, Jr.
Teacher's Comment: "Little Ken is such a friendly child, but we have trouble getting him to remove that backwards baseball cap."

Parent: Tug McGraw
Child: Tim McGraw
Teacher's Comment: "Your child hasn't done very well in Phys Ed, but he's taken a real liking to Music class."

Parent: Bob Boone
Child: Aaron and Bret Boone
Teacher's Comment: "Aaron has a way of performing very well on the most important exams, but Bret sometimes sets a bad example by cheating on tests."

I'll put up a post soon that organizes all my baseball preview posts in some kind of coherent order. Right now, they're all over the place, kind of like this. Please check back tomorrow for another day of baseball thoughts. 

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