Saturday, December 6, 2014

How Does That Count as a Football Throw?

During halftime of Oregon's rout of Arizona last night, Dr. Pepper sponsored a contest in which the two participants threw as many footballs into cans as they could in 30 seconds.

However, the competition might as well have been sponsored by Pop-A-Shot because here's a snippet of what happened:

Sarah Roundtree won $100,000 toward her college education by efficiently heaving a bunch of balls into a giant Dr. Pepper can. However, she won without throwing a single traditional football pass. If you couldn't play that video for some reason, here's a screenshot of her form:

Kevin Love would be impressed with her chest passes, but among football players, only Tim Tebow might approve. Maybe that's why Dr. Pepper attempted to give Sarah just one-fifth of her winnings. But her victory might give rise to an increased emphasis on carnival-style games instead of traditional youth sports.

It turns out that Sarah's not the first person to win this scholarship with a goofy throwing motion. Almost exactly a year ago, a dude named Brooks Bergman pioneered the feat. The techniques employed by Brooks and Sarah remind me of Rick Barry and his "granny style" free throw shooting. When asked about underhanded foul shots, Barry said, "The technique itself is a soft shot, and it's feel, so much feel, and control."

So while Sarah Roundtree doesn't have the football skills of the much younger Sam Gordon, she does have a cool 100 Grand. And if her studies don't work out, at least she knows she'll never get hustled by carnies.

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