Monday, November 17, 2014

How Important Is Keeping Your Word?

At halftime of Notre Dame's eventual pitiful loss to to Northwestern, with the Irish looking sloppy but still leading 27-23, I said something that I'm now regretting. "If Notre Dame loses," I blurted out, "I'm not watching another game the rest of the season." There might have been two f-words included in the original statement, but you get the picture.

Sure enough, the inept Irish allowed Northwestern to hang around, and the Wildcats scored a touchdown with 4:10 left in the game to cut ND's lead to 40-37.

But the Irish were still up by three, and I was more concerned about the point spread than the unlikely prospect of an outright loss.
When Northwestern got called for defensive pass interference to give the Irish a first down with less than two minutes remaining, it looked like my alma mater would escape with a win. And I'd only be kinda pissed.

Most sports fans know what happened next. Irish running back Cam McDaniel fumbled, Northwestern recovered, and the Wildcats kicked a field goal to force overtime. In the extra period, Notre Dame missed a field goal, Northwestern made one, and I actually did throw a Dundie through my TV screen.

My question: Do I have to keep my word and boycott Notre Dame broadcasts for the rest of the year? Sure, the Irish vomited the game away in one of the most frustrating ways possible. But I feel like my fandom requires me to stick by the team despite my short-sighted utterance. So as pissed off as I was then and am now, I don't really want to keep my word. Which brings us to Mike Golic...

On the Mike and Mike show on Friday, Golic said that in the unlikely event of a Notre Dame loss, he'd recreate Kim Kardashian's ridiculous Paper magazine cover.

Soon after the game on Saturday, we heard from Golic and his co-host Mike Greenberg:

I didn't listen to Mike and Mike today, but apparently Golic will soon keep his word. From what I can glean from the Internet, he's going to have his wife oil him up before he bares it all.

I was feeling a little guilty about swearing off Notre Dame for the rest of the season, but Golic's vow dwarfs mine. Next time, he should just threaten to boycott the team. It would save him a lot of money on baby oil.

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  1. I think that if you are not going to stick to your word.. you should at least have to butt chug while your ass is covered in baby oil, Kim K style ;)