Friday, October 17, 2014

How Much of a Character Is Grandma?

In the past few months, my grandmother has become a pretty regular character on this blog. In May, I wrote about her hilarious gambling habits. Then, a few weeks ago, I expressed my appreciation for her in a post entitled "How Awesome Are These Old People?".

Needless to say, there's no way her 90-year-old eyes and fingers could operate a computer well enough to read either post. But when my sister told her about it today, here's what happened:

If you couldn't tell, Grandma is grinning maniacally as she fans out a wad of cash. Touché, old lady.

Grandma is like a cross between Scrooge McDuck...

...and the old geezer from Downton Abbey...

...except Grandma's funnier than both of them. Grandma would also tell you that she's proud to be Irish, not Scottish (like Scrooge) and certainly not English (like Cousin Violet from Downton).

Anyways, if Grandma keeps pouring in this funny material, I might have to start a blog dedicated entirely to her antics. Could I call it

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  1. Change the age to 80ish and I can share it with her.

    1. She's definitely closer to 90 than 80.

      Should I have said "89-year-old eyes and fingers"?