Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Practical Is "Skell-on-Skell Mayhem"?

Last month, I rejoiced after FOX's Gotham organically worked a "skell" reference into its dialogue. Well, a scene from this week's episode was even better. After a deadly drug hits the streets, crooked Gotham cop Harvey Bullock lays out his solution:

Did you hear that? "There'll be mayhem, that's for sure. But it's skell-on-skell mayhem. If we keep the decent citizens indoors for a couple of weeks, let the scumbags have at it...Voila, the end of crime."

Bullock, played by Donal Logue, might have just provided a blueprint for how to end crime in this country. Just feed lethal drugs to all the skells.* Brilliant!

*The mayor of Detroit just thoughtfully furrowed his brow.

I don't even love Gotham that much, but I'm willing to keep watching if Donal Logue keeps utilizing one of my favorite words. Skell on!

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