Sunday, October 26, 2014

How Inaccurate Was the Gameday Kid?

I love looking at the College Gameday signs every Saturday morning. They usually feature a great mix of college humor, snark, and shout-outs to friends or celebrities. This week, I was particularly interested in one sign. Here's a screenshot of Les Miles and the backdrop of signs behind him:

There's a lot going on in that shot, but I chuckled at the sign insulting the intelligence of University of Mississippi graduates. Once we crop out the sign of Katy Perry going to town on a corn dog and the LSU coach's grinning face, we can see it even more clearly:

Pretty funny, right? It reminds me of a story that my uncle used to tell me about Patrick Ewing's Georgetown career. Since he wasn't exactly overqualified to go to the university, fans used to hold up signs with messages like "Hey, Patrick, you can't read this!"

One of the best things about college sports is insulting other academic institutions. Therefore, I respect the Gameday kid's effort. There's just one problem, though:

Anyone who passed eighth-grade English should be able to explain why that sentence is incorrect. Aside from the use of all capital letters, this kid didn't follow basic punctuation rules. That sentence consists of a dependent clause followed by an independent clause, meaning there should be a comma after "this." Second, he needs a period at the end of his sentence. At least he remembered the apostrophe in "didn't."

Now, I don't usually nitpick about grammar on fans' signs. But when your message is intended to poke fun at other people's lack of literacy, you better proofread your work. Go back and hit the library, Gameday kid. You have a lot of work to do.

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