Friday, August 8, 2014

How Come I Just Cried on My Couch?

Yeah, it starts out a little slow, but you'll be tearing up by the time the trumpeter hits the scene.

(Here's a link to the video.)

I've been thinking a lot about World War II lately, partly because I'm reading Ken Follett's Winter of the World.

On the anniversary of D-Day, I took my students to the Statue of Liberty and we watched as helicopters dropped one million roses on the Statue. We also stopped in front of a small ceremony, which an active-duty soldier told us was a gathering of New York City's World War II veterans. When I told my students that my late grandfathers had fought in the war, they were amazed. "History is mad interesting!" one girl exclaimed.

But the group of World War II veterans seemed notably small to me, forcing me to remember that most of the men who fought are now about 90 years old. As there are fewer and fewer World War II veterans around, it's so important to see kids engaging with history. Forgive my use of a cliché, but let's never forget.

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