Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Punny Was Today's Post Cover?

Back in January, I wrote a post about all the shit Masahiro Tanaka was in for after he signed with the Yankees. I discussed the media, the high expectations, and people gawking at his hot wife. Most of all, I questioned whether Tanaka knew about the absurdity (and borderline racism) of the New York tabloids. Here's what I wrote then:

I wonder if Tanaka is familiar with horrible puns about his nationality. The New York tabloids are great at this. I remember when Hideki Matsui hit his first homer in Yankee Stadium and the back page of one of the papers said "UPPER DEKI!"

Tanaka better prepare himself for seven years of forced, sometimes insensitive Japanese jokes and puns. After a bad outing: "TANAKA SURRENDERS AFTER A-BOMB". After a strong playoff start: "TANAK-OUT PUNCH!". After an arm injury: "MASA SHAME". It should be pretty fun.

Well, here's the back cover of today's Post:

Does the pun make sense? I mean ... a little ... I guess?

It doesn't have to be completely logical, though. Yen is Japanese money! And we put the word "worth" in the sub-headline. Get it??? 

The one bright side of the Rangers' season ending is that the Blueshirts had been dominating the tabloid ink. Now, the Post and the Daily News can go back to what they do best: creating terrible wordplay about New York's resident Asian superstar. Because, after all, he's everyone's new "HIRO."

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