Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Wrong Was I About Tanaka?

It's time for a mea culpa. Before the baseball season started, I made a big mistake about Masahiro Tanaka. When Sports Illustrated featured the Japanese rookie on its MLB Preview cover, I wrote:

"The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx is a real thing ... Tanaka's doomed, and the season's over before it has started. Hey, at least Tanaka's got a hot wife."

Well, it's been almost exactly two months and Tanakasaurus Rex is one of the main reasons the Yankees haven't been doomed. While dominating the White Sox last weekend, the righty dropped his ERA to 2.29. He's been one of the best starters in baseball, posting the sixth-best fWAR among pitchers and striking out more than 10 batters every nine innings. His splitter has been one of the toughest pitches in the game, making hitters look absolutely foolish. Oh, and his wife is still hot.

According to Google Translate, here's how you say "mea culpa" in Japanese:


So, yeah. That.

With that being said, this came in the mail today:

I think the aforementioned Tanaka blogpost proves that I was pretty wrong about the SI Cover Jinx. Still, now that I'm riding the Rangers Bandwagon so hard, I pray that the curse is fully broken.

Let's hope that for Michael Scott's sake -- as well as my sake, the Rangers' sake, and every American's sake -- the curse we call the SI Jinx is broken. Let's hope that, tonight in Game 6, the Blueshirts treat the Canadiens like Tanaka's been treating American League hitters. Because I really don't plan on writing a mea culpa about joining the Rangers Bandwagon.

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