Thursday, May 8, 2014

How Dedicated Is My Mother as a Sports Fan?

In anticipation of Mother's Day this Sunday, I thought I'd share a few anecdotes about my mom's history as a sports "fan." Some of these stories might have gotten exaggerated a bit through the years, but they're mostly true.

Now, don't get me wrong here; my mom doesn't have an aversion to sports. She played Division I tennis in college, and she's always enjoyed running, swimming, and competition in general. But her past as a sports fan is checkered at best. To wit:

  • In 1981, Chris Mullin's St. John's team beat Big East rival Villanova to win the Holiday Festival in Madison Square Garden, back when the Holiday Festival was a big deal. The Redmen won 94-89 in a wild game, and Mullin was named MVP. As my parents (pre-marriage) and their friends left the Garden, my mom turned to her best friend and said, "That was a great game. It's just too bad St. John's lost."
  • During that same time period, my mom's uncle gave her tickets to see a Rangers game at MSG. She took her friend Mary Beth, and they say they had a fantastic time. After the game, in the bar,* Mom and Mary Beth met a couple of dudes, who were probably hitting on them hard. Hey, that's what dudes do. Anyways, again my mom mentioned that it was a shame the home team had lost. One of the guys informed her that the Rangers had, in fact, won. "No," Mom insisted. "The Rangers lost 28-26." It turns out that Mom and Mary Beth had been looking at the "Shots on Goal" tally the entire night.
*Because where else can you go after a game?
  • I've written before about attending the Jim Leyritz Game in 1995. After waiting up for my dad to bring my brother and me home from that game after 3 a.m., Mom wouldn't let us go to an early-season game on a school night the next season. That game turned out to be Dwight Gooden's no-hitter.
  • My mom's maiden name is McConnell, so during March Madness I e-mailed her this photo: 
Her response, which I received the next morning:
You better not stay up so late on work nights. 
We also have Mitch McConnell in the Senate, who is proving to be a RINO, doing nothing for his constituents. I hope this guy is better... 
Love, Mom

First of all, yes, I'm 27 and my mom still chides me for staying up too late. Second of all, yes, my mom enjoys a good political debate more than she enjoys sports.

Even though it's clear Mom isn't much of a sports fan, she never had a problem taking us to games -- youth league or professional -- when we were growing up. I can't wait to see her this weekend, when political conversations will probably outnumber sports conversations by a count of 52-0. Or, as my mom might score it, 28-26.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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