Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Embarrassing Was 50 Cent's First Pitch?

Last summer, I outlined some of the horrible ceremonial first pitches we've seen through the years. Well, before last night's Mets game, 50 Cent might've topped them all.

A few thoughts about the disgraceful throw:
1. Fitty grew up in Queens during the heyday of the wild Mets team that won the World Series in 1986. Apparently, the rapper emulates the team's cocaine use more than their stellar play on the diamond.

2. Is 50 Cent sure he's left-handed? If I were him, I'd somehow use that as an excuse. He should say something like, "I hurt my right hand boxing so I had to pitch lefty."

3. Bob Uecker is almost 80 years old, but he still maintains his cultural relevance. In the May 19 issue of Sports Illustrated, Luke Winn described how Brewers star Carlos Gomez calls Uecker "Papi!" Winn also wrote that Uecker and Gomez "have a daily routine of slapping hands as violently as Gomez swings at first pitches." Meanwhile, in navigating the Internet for takes on 50 Cent's embarrassing pitch, I came across a bunch of references to Uecker's "Juuuuussst a bit outside" line from Major League. We should all enjoy Uke while he's still calling Brewers games.

4. Wouldn't you love to see a Rapper Combine, in which a bunch of hip-hop stars competed in various events like throwing a baseball? I feel like that would lead to some hilarious lyrical beef between some of these guys. Whether we ever get to see a Rapper Combine or not, let's at least hope that another singer brings up Fitty's horrendous toss in an upcoming song.

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