Sunday, April 6, 2014

How Much Do We Love Jim and Pam?

In mid-February, Kavanaugh and I drafted our favorite TV couples ever. It was lots of fun, and we wasted many hours completing it.
Here's how we drafted:
1. Jim and Pam Halpert -- The Office (BK)
2. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski -- Saved by the Bell (FT)
3. Jay and Gloria Pritchett -- Modern Family (BK)
4. Homer and Marge Simpson -- The Simpsons (FT)
5. Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes -- Seinfeld (BK)
6. Michael Scott and Jan Levinson -- The Office (FT)
7. Don and Betty Draper -- Mad Men (BK)
8. Ricky and Lucy Ricardo -- I Love Lucy (FT)
9. Tim and Jill Taylor -- Home Improvement (BK)

10. Frank and Marie Barone -- Everybody Loves Raymond (FT)

After the draft, I asked our readers to vote for their own favorite couple. Here's how that turned out:

1. Jim and Pam (11 votes)
2. Homer and Marge (4 votes)
3-tie. Jerry and Elaine; Ricky and Lucy; Other (3 votes each)
6. Zack and Kelly (2 votes)

7-tie. Jay and Gloria; Michael and Jan; Frank and Marie (1 vote each)
10-tie. Don and Betty; Tim and Jill (0 votes) 

As usual, I have a few thoughts:
1. "Other" tied for third place. My best guesses for the identity of "Other" are Ralph and Alice Kramden (The Honeymooners); Doug and Carrie Heffernan (The King of Queens); and Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World).

2. No love for Tim and Jill. One of our sponsors, Binford Tools, is very upset with our readers. 
3. Homer and Marge put up a decent showing. I suspect they did so well because of the symbiotic nature of their relationship. As Homer would say, "It's uter-us, not uter-you."
4. People just love Jim and Pam. I think so many people voted for them because they appeal to both guys and girls. They're funny, cute, and obviously in love with each other. While many TV couples fall into easily-stereotyped roles, Jim and Pam don't fit any recognizable paradigm. Kavanaugh drafted Pam and Jim with our top pick, and the readers obviously agreed with him. Long live the champs!

As soon as Kavanaugh and I complete our next draft (It's coming!), we'll put up another poll. You can vote on the right side of the homepage, and I'll post those results when the poll closes in a couple weeks. Thanks again to those of you who have been voting!

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