Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How Filmgenic Is the Bible?

I saw a preview for the blockbuster film Noah this morning, and I was thinking about how the Bible provides so many great stories that could be turned into films. I think I even made up a word for it: filmgenic.

What other text provides so many filmgenic plotlines? The Bible has sex (e.g., David and Bathsheba), war (David and Goliath), and obviously questions about our greater purpose (David and God). I mean, why don't they just make a movie about King David?

Oh, wait...

A quick Internet search reveals that Hollywood has produced several films about King David.* And apparently one of them even stars Richard Gere. Never mind.

*It turns out that The Simpsons' "Bible Stories" episode isn't the only on-screen adaptation of David's life.

Even so, the Bible contains plenty of other filmgenic stories. I would love to watch a modern take on Moses by one of Hollywood's biggest directors. And is Will Smith really planning to direct a movie about Cain and Abel and star in one about a modern-day Job? I hope so.

I always used to feel bad for people in the 1800s who had little else to do but sit around reading the Bible. But what else could they really want? Considering that moving pictures hadn't yet been invented, the romance, vengeance, and other juicy stories in the Bible must have passed the time just fine.

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