Sunday, March 16, 2014

How Did Our Movie Poll Go?

At the end of January, Kavanaugh and I drafted our favorite Golden Globe-nominated movies

Here's how we drafted:
1. Braveheart (FT)
2. The Godfather (BK)
3. The Godfather: Part II (FT)
4. The Hangover (BK)
5. Gladiator (FT)
6. Good Will Hunting (BK)
7. Goodfellas (FT)
8. The Fighter (BK)
9. Mrs. Doubtfire (FT)
10. Gangs of New York (BK)

11. Saving Private Ryan (FT)
12. Almost Famous (BK)
13. There's Something About Mary (FT)
14. Aladdin (BK)
15. The Lion King (FT)
16. Airplane! (BK)
17. Home Alone (FT)
18. Lost in Translation (BK)
19. The Sound of Music (FT)
20. A Few Good Men (BK)

After the draft, I asked our readers to vote for their favorite film out of those 20. Here's how y'all picked 'em:

1. Braveheart (10 votes)
2-tie. The Godfather, Saving Private Ryan  (5 votes each)
4. The Godfather: Part II (4 votes)
5-tie. Gladiator, The Hangover, Good Will Hunting, The Sound of Music, A Few Good Men (3 votes each)
10-tie. Goodfellas, Airplane! (2 votes each)
12-tie. The Lion King, Home Alone, The Fighter, Gangs of New York, Other (1 vote each)

17-tie. Mrs. Doubtfire, There's Something About Mary, Almost Famous, Aladdin, Lost in Translation (0 votes)

After delving into that goldmine of data, here are my takeaways:
1. Blog favorite Michael Scott would have been very pleased with our readers' top pick:

2. The Sound of Music picked up three votes. Two of those votes came from my mom and my wife, but who is our third von Trapp fan?
3. Saving Private Ryan tied for second place in the poll. That doesn't change the fact that Kavanaugh HAS NEVER SEEN IT!
4. Neither Mrs. Doubtfire nor Aladdin received any votes. No love for my man Robin Williams. SMH.

5. The Godfather beat out The Godfather: Part II by a single vote. Bad job by our readers on that one.

If you want to get involved in our current poll, please vote for your favorite TV couple on the right side of the homepage. I'll post those results when the poll closes in a couple weeks. Thanks to those of you who have voted!

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