Saturday, February 22, 2014

How Did the Sports City Vote Go?

In January, Kavanaugh and I drafted our favorite sports cities in the country.

Here's how we drafted:
1. San Francisco (BK)
2. Boston (FT)
3. New York City (BK)
4. Chicago (FT)
5. Phoenix (BK)
6. Chapel Hill (FT)
7. Philadelphia (BK)
8. Indianapolis (FT)
9. New Orleans (BK)
10. Denver (FT)

After the draft, I asked our readers to vote for their favorite sports city. Here's how that shook out:
1. New York City (15 votes)
2. Boston (9 votes)
3-tie. Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver (4 votes each)
6-tie. San Francisco, Indianapolis, Other (2 votes each)
9-tie. New Orleans, Chapel Hill (1 vote each)
11. Phoenix (0 votes)

Based on that huge sample size of 44 votes, I have a few takeaways:
1. Most of our readers are from New York City and Boston, which makes sense because I live in NYC and Kavanaugh lives in Boston. We're not exactly uncovering King Tut's tomb here.
2. We don't have many friends in San Francisco. I guess we need to start posting How Blank links on Grateful Dead message boards.
3. Judging from the verbal and written feedback I got after the draft, the two people who voted "Other" probably would have selected either Seattle or Dallas.
4. Phoenix sucks.

One last thing -- In response to the question "Who won the Sports City Draft?", here are the results:
1. FranT (17 votes)
2. Kavanaugh (4 votes)

Step up your draft game, Kavanaugh.

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