Saturday, February 15, 2014

How Has It Been One Year? (Happy Birthday, How Blank!)

It's been one year, 203 posts, two epic drafts, countless skell jokes, a bunch of teasing from my family members about "Fran's blog," and one B-list celebrity sighting. Now, it's finally time to say:

Last year on this day, I posted a few thoughts about spring training, and so How Blank began. A few days later, I wrote this:

"During high school and college, I always found that when I was sitting around with a group of friends, our funniest and most interesting/entertaining conversations started with the phrase, "How ___________________ is ___________________?" These conversations were often inebriated and highly inappropriate but also sometimes at least bordering on serious.

I'm not exactly sure what I want this blog to turn into, but I hope it's somewhat funny, a bit entertaining, and even a little informative. Oh, and some controversy is never a bad thing, either."

I hope we've we've at least partially succeeded in that pseudo-mission statement.
In November, How Blank hit this modest milestone:

I sent that photo to Kavanaugh with the Subject "Yippy!" I was kind of poking fun at the blog (Only 10,000 pageviews?), but I guess it was an important moment. Kavanaugh replied, "Can't stop, won't stop."

And we won't stop. We're now close to 20,000 pageviews.*


We're having a blast, and we plan to keep on blogging. Many thanks to everyone for reading; we really hope you enjoy. Now cue the Puff Daddy:

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