Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Pumped Up Is the Governator? posted a video today of Arnold Schwarzenegger pranking gym-goers in California. In the clip, he's wearing a fake moustache and a dark pony-tail wig. One of the anchors even remarks that "he looks kinda scary." I would have gone with a word like "imbecilic" over "scary," but I guess that's why I'm not a news anchor.

Anyways, the video got me thinking about Ahnuld's fame, as well as the hypocritical way that various steroid users have been treated in America. (Feel free to stop here if you don't care about the steroids issue.)

I just find it amazing that Schwarzenegger, who has admitted to using steroids when they were still legal, was elected governor in our most populous state. Meanwhile, baseball's Hall of Fame has refused entry to players about whom the writers have even an iota of an inkling of suspicion. Mark McGwire, who admitted to taking steroids when they were implicity allowed in baseball, will probably never even sniff the Hall. Meanwhile,* the NFL and its fans basically ignore steroid and HGH use as the league frets about concussions. (Gee, I wonder if bigger, faster players colliding cause more concussions...)

*Double-meanwhile alert!

Many people have written about these issues, but seeing the Governator in the gym talking about getting "pumped up" just sparked the topic of steroids in my mind.

As always, at least The Simpsons provides us with a way to end this post on a light note:

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