Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Much Will Tanaka Love NY?

Tanaka-mania* is upon us. Japanese righty Masahiro Tanaka signed with the Yankees yesterday after being courted by a bunch of major league teams.

*Tanaka-rama? Tanakas'R'Us?

I went out to lunch today and picked up the Daily News as I waited for my sandwich. On the front page, I saw a photo of Tanaka's wife -- not Tanaka, his wife... wearing a bikini.

It's understandable; Tanaka's got a beautiful wife. Here's a photo from the Daily News Website:

Mai Satoda, Masahiro Tanaka's wife, is in the center.
Her name is Mai Satoda and she's a pop star in Japan*. Tanaka is probably used to seeing pictures of her everywhere, so I'm sure the front page wasn't a huge surprise.

*Move over, La La Vasquez.

Then, I turned to the back page:

I wonder if Tanaka is familiar with horrible puns about his nationality. The New York tabloids are great at this. I remember when Hideki Matsui hit his first homer in Yankee Stadium and the back page of one of the papers said "UPPER DEKI!"

Tanaka better prepare himself for seven years of bad, sometimes insensitive Japanese jokes and puns. After a bad outing: "TANAKA SURRENDERS AFTER A-BOMB". After a strong playoff start: "TANAK-OUT PUNCH!". After an arm injury: "MASA SHAME". It should be pretty fun.

Oh, and one more thing. Hopefully Tanaka is used to throngs of media and fans like this one:

Tanaka-mania is going to be Japan-demonium!

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