Friday, January 10, 2014

How Much Does Stewart Cink Need Headgear?

The most-viewed post in How Blank's spectacular* history is called "How Much Do Bald Athletes Need Headgear?" The key word in the title, of course, is the word "bald." For instance, Henrik Lundqvist is a sexy beast with a great mane of hair. He doesn't need his headgear to make him more of a man. Former Ranger Mark Messier, though? He looked like a much bigger stud when he wore his Magneto-like helmet.

*"They're real and they're spectacular" alert!

This brings us to golfer Stewart Cink. After making a putt in the Sony Open yesterday, Cink took off his cap and revealed this:

Just a legendary domepiece. He looks like a freakin' ice cream cone. Absolutely beautiful stuff. It reminds me of the time we wrote "PIMP" on my buddy's stomach in sunscreen while he slept on the beach.

I searched around the Internet for a little while (read: 20 seconds) and did find one guy that had a better cranial tan line than Cink:

You're in lovely company, Stewart.

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