Monday, January 6, 2014

How Can New York Fans Remain Optimistic?

I was in Boston over the weekend to visit Kavanagh and some other friends. We went to the Frozen Fenway college hockey tournament, a doubleheader in which Notre Dame faced Boston College in the second game.

Anyways, before heading into Fenway with soaking wet, frostbitten feet, we went to the nearby Baseball Tavern for a literal and figurative pre-game. While we were there, Kavanaugh pointed out what he called an "obnoxious" graphic on one of the bar's TVs. It looked something like this:

For the record, it does pain me to post that image on my blog. But here's the thing: While Kavanaugh correctly used the word "obnoxious," I would call that photo "embarrassing." There are 33 total logos on there. The Yankees almost single-handedly eclipse that number.

Even though it's been the opposite of a banner year for New York sports, we have to remember that metropolitan New York has won 52 championships in the four major sports. (Click here for the list.*)

*That list actually has Boston at 35 titles.

Here are 14 reasons to be optimistic about New York sports in 2014:

14. 52-35
Read the previous few paragraphs for a refresher.

13. Earl Joseph "J.R." Smith
This week, we learned that NOTHING is out of play with J.R.

12. High Draft Picks
I've written about unsatisfying moral victories before, and this definitely qualifies as one of those for both the Giants and Jets.

11. The Garden
Late winter and early spring are always electric at MSG. The Garden will feature great college hoops, tennis, wrestling, and Timberlake (Timberlake!) in the next couple months. Even the crappy Knicks, middling Rangers, and deceased Big East Tournament can't take away the allure of the old arena.

10. Michael Pineda's Return
It's a bummer that Matt Harvey probably won't pitch in 2014, but let's not forget that Pineda was a force of nature a couple of years ago. Also, Zach Wheeler might end up being an ace in his own right.

9. Olympic Hockey / World Cup Soccer
This one might be a little bit of a stretch, but these are two of my absolute favorite sporting events. Three Rangers will play for Team USA, and King Henrik will man the net for Sweden. Meanwhile, there aren't any native New Yorkers on the latest USA World Cup roster, but there are two Red Bulls players.

8. Rooting Against the Patriots
I can't wait to call my buddy Pearl when New England gets eliminated from the playoffs. And if the Pats win the Super Bowl? It will still be 52-36.

7. Horse Racing
Even if the Mets and Yanks both suck, the Belmont Stakes and Saratoga never disappoint.

6. The Yankees Decided to Spend Some Money
Did anyone actually think that $189 million salary cap number was realistic? McCann, Ellsbury, and Beltran will help make the lineup respectable again.

5. Hockey in Yankee Stadium
The Rangers will play both the Devils and Islanders in Winter Classic games. Like I said, I just attended Frozen Fenway. Outdoor hockey is awesome!

4. The Watchable Rangers
Rick Nash, Ryan Callahan, and Henrik Lundqvist are enough to rope me in. And hey, they're just three points out of a playoff spot! 

3. The Super Bowl
I hear it's being played in a cold-weather city this year. (I'm hoping for Broncos-49ers.)

2. 37 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report
The site Spring Training Countdown has a great quote from the legendary Rogers Hornsby: "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring."

1. 52-35

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