Sunday, December 22, 2013

How Good Are Pills?

We went out to brunch in Chicago on Saturday morning. As we left, my friend Rob said, "Doesn't that look like the bad guy from Dumb and Dumber?" I gave a glance down the bar and said, "It is the bad guy from Dumb and Dumber."

As soon as we walked out the door, we realized that we'd regret it if we didn't talk to him. We went back inside, and I walked toward the guy. I said, "I've gotta ask you. Are you..." He cut me off. "Yeah, that's me."

Hangin' with Joe Mentalino.
Kerry put the photo on Instagram with the caption "Pills are good. Pills are gooooood."

Unfortunately, Rob and I were so star-struck that we didn't drop any Dumb and Dumber lines on the actor, whose real name is Mike Starr. I did ask if he's going to be in the sequel. Of course, he isn't because he DIED in the first movie. I guess I was just flustered by a celebrity that appeared in two of my favorite movies. (He's also in Goodfellas.)

For the record, we annoyed "Mr. Mentalino" way less than Harry and Lloyd did.

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