Friday, November 22, 2013

How Depressing Is the Beginning of Winter? (But...LINKS!)

Are you talking about two Mondays ago, when I walked outside in the darkness and was welcomed with a sleet-shower? Or yesterday afternoon, when I left work at 4:30 and it was already nighttime? (Can't wait until Spring Daylight Savings Day!) So, yeah, late November and early December are pretty depressing. But there are some better -- if not necessarily brighter -- days ahead.

Besides, I hate talking about the weather, unless...well, unless it's funny.

To get you through the increasingly chilly weather (as well as this Friday workday), I've compiled a list of things that make winter enjoyable, along with fun links for each silver lining.

1. Ski season is upon us! Which means, nudie skiing! I especially enjoy that link because it was created by Sweetgrass Productions, and my high school buddy Nick is the director.

2. The NBA is in full-swing. On Wednesday night alone, the Knicks blew a lead to the East-leading Pacers, Dirk's Mavs had a furious fourth-quarter comback to beat the Rockets, CP3 closed out the T-Wolves, and wunderklind Anthony Davis flirted with a triple-double. For all that, the Grantland Staff has you covered.

And to see where every team stands, you can read my weekly Power Rankings every Monday.

3. The MLB just announced a special Expansion Era Hall of Fame vote. The great Joe Posnanski breaks down the 12 finalists on his blog. If you liked baseball at any time in the last 30 years, those posts are must-reads.

4. While we're talking about Poz and the MLB, here's his take on NBC Sports on Wednesday's Prince Fielder Ian-Kinsler trade. Baseball's hot stove season is another silver lining of winter.

Let's see...I've talked about the NBA and MLB. What am I missing? Oh, right, football:

5. Ignore the elephant in the room as you watch the NFL without concussion-related guilt. The Giants are charging, and I can't wait to watch Big Blue take on the Cowboys this Sunday (4:25 start, yippy!). For other Week 12 news, check out NFL conoisseur Peter King's MMQB storylines.

6. If you're an NCAA fan in general, ignore the hippopotamus in the room that one of the top teams in the country just had its star quarterback accused of sexual assault. If you're a Notre Dame fan, ignore the Louis Nix in the room that the Irish just lost one of their defensive stars for the season.

7. Another wintertime "activity"? Ah, yes, TV.

As Homer would confirm, the ol' television provides a lot of comfort during the winter months.

Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy is really heating up. And after this week's episode, I can't wait to see what happens next with SAMCRO. Another of my favorite current shows is Homeland, but I haven't started Season 3 yet.

8. I'm not going to talk to you guys about hockey, except to say that Paulina Gretzky appeared in this month's Maxim. (Key word in that last sentence: "guys".) The previous link was actually the worse of the two posts that I saw on BlackSportsOnline this week. This one's even better.

9. I can't wait until Black Friday!

10. My birthday is next week, and Zoom will come from the Moon to wish me (and someone named Gail) a happy birthday. God, I loved that video when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoyed this post, or it got you through a little bit of your Friday workday, or you look at the early winter a little differently now. Whatever. Have a great weekend!

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