Thursday, October 31, 2013

How Spooky Is the Internet?

Yes, you already know that the Internet is a creepy place. In honor of Halloween, though, let me give you an example.

My buddy Ken emailed me today with the subject "I'm Famous", the text "A little inspiration for your blog", and a link. The link was to a Website called Mandatory, and it led me to this photo:

Ken (Kendrew of Eurotrip 2012 fame) is Batman, and correctly points out that his codpiece is way too big. His buddy, who we'll refer to here as Bones*, is the McDonald's milkshake whose shaft is clearly outlined for us. And I'm not sure who's dressed as Spiderman, but I know it's not Tobey Maguire because there's too much chest hair.  

*The name Bones is ironic here, I know.

The point is, apparently someone pulled the seven-year-old photo off of Facebook, then it showed up as a link on earlier today. Now that's spooky.

So tonight, before you go out dressed like a skank or wearing on a costume that highlights your -- um -- less-endowed parts, remember this cautionary tale. At least take a lesson from Bones and remember to pack a mask...or a well-placed sock.

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