Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Come the Baywatch Stars Had to Be Thin?

FOX News--As one might imagine, it isn't easy to maintain a bikini-ready body all year long, but the former stars of "Baywatch" told ET that's precisely what they had to do at the height of the show's popularity.
"The suits were regulation standard for part of our partnership," Erika Eleniak divulged of a very strict weight clause in many of her female co-stars' contracts, which gave them a mere five pounds leeway before facing termination.

Wait, you mean the show that was commonly called "Babewatch" or "Boobwatch"? They expected their stars to stay thin? Get out!

Isn't this story the equivalent of the Yankees expecting Robinson Cano to remain good at baseball if they give him a 200-million-dollar contract?

I hope Pamela Anderson & Friends weren't scarred too badly from those weighty expectations.* That must have been very traumatic.

*That's called a pun, just like you read about in your English textbooks.

There is a lesson here, which I learned in Berlin last summer. As always, DON'T HASSEL THE HOFF!

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