Monday, September 30, 2013

How Overrated Is Cooking for Yourself?

Kerry and I were looking forward to a home-cooked meal tonight -- and by "home-cooked meal," I mean Ellio's and chicken noodle soup* -- when we heard a huge crash in the kitchen.

*Yes, apparently newlyweds still eat Ellio's. In our defense, Kerry prepared and cooked the soup and it was delicious. No Campbell's for us, baby!

Here's what happened:


The glass overheated because there was nothing in it to absorb some of the heat. Evidently -- and much to our bewilderment -- that can actually happen.

Anyways, now our kitchen is full of glass shards and even though our oven is off, it still sounds like the furnace from Home Alone. And there goes my perfectly good glassware. And what if I had been opening the oven when the glass exploded? Would I have a permanent monocle on/in my eye?

All of this makes me think that cooking your own meals isn't all it's cracked up to be. I could have just bought a few slices of pizza, and that would have been 10 times better than Elio's anyways. From now on, when people say, "I could really go for a home-cooked meal," I'm going to respond, "I could really go for some shard-free take-out."


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