Monday, September 2, 2013

How Long Ago Were the '90s?

On Saturday, we were playing the game "Catchphrase" and my friend's 21-year-old brother confused Jerry Seinfeld with Jerry Springer. He said of Seinfeld, "I think he's the guy that has the TV show where people fight over each other's baby mamas." I was as flustered as Seinfeld would be during an encounter with Crazy Joe Davola. I couldn't believe a person just five years younger than me would mix up Springer and Seinfeld. Were the '90s really that long ago?

Not to go all VH1 on you or anything, but here are 10 other observations about the '90s that I've made recently:

1. Friends and The Nanny are now featured on Nick at Nite. When I was a kid, Nick at Nite aired shows like Happy Days and The Brady Bunch.

2Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens are now featured on TV Land. When I was a kid, TV Land aired shows like I Love Lucy and The Jeffersons.

3. Here are photos of NERF guns from then and now:



A kid with a 2013 NERF gun could single-handedly keep the Afghan army at bay.

4. Speaking of then and now, here's how one of my idols from the '90s has aged:



It's still painful for me to see Donnie Baseball in a Dodgers uniform. Times change, though.

5. And, for some perspective on how much NERF guns and Don Mattingly have changed,
here's a photo of Mike Krzyzewski from the '90s and one from this summer. See if you can guess which is which:

The Team USA polo should have been a giveaway, but Coach K hasn't aged a day in two decades. You know what has changed, though...

6. Disney songs were absloute bangers back then. Disney songs now...I can't even think of a memorable one since Enchanted and that wasn't even an animated movie.

7. Justin Timberlake is still the most popular musician on Earth. His run at the top has gotta come to an end soon, right? Then again, The Rolling Stones have been popular since before my mom was born. So maybe J.T. will still be bringing sexy back in 2054.

8. The best athlete from the '90s can still dunk.

Timberlake isn't the only one who's still got it.
9. I didn't have texting in 1990, and I don't have texting in 2013. But I do have a cell phone now.

10. Going back to school sucked for me in the '90s, and it still sucks for me now. The day after Labor Day is the worst.



  2. Wrong, two days after labor day is the worst.