Sunday, September 22, 2013

How American Is Sunday?

You know, one of my only regrets about college is that I didn't take full advantage of Sunday. I usually treated it as a sleep / recovery  homework day. Basically, I wasted 1/7 of my college experience.

Now, though? I'm atoning for my past transgressions, and Sunday is my favorite day of the week.*

*Yeah, Friday, you read that correctly.

Here's what I'm looking forward to today, which I'm calling Do-or-Die Sunday.

--The penultimate episode of Breaking Bad. How could it possibly get "more messier"?

Bold prediction: Something ridiculous is gonna go down on tonight's episode. Any more specific predictions would make me look foolish. Vince Gilligan is just a bit more creative than I am.

--The Giants are playing a rare Week 3 Do-or-Die game. Every year, I just assume the Giants will turn it on when they need to. But last season they finished worse than Rick Pitino, and this year they've started worse than a female cyclist. It's a must-win against Scam Newton and the wimpy Panthers today.

Eli               >                   Cam Newton

(If you haven't seen the Website where those images came from, check it out.)

So those are just two of the many reasons why Sunday is the best, most American day there is. Don't waste it, because we all end up living the rest of our lives like shnooks anyways.

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  1. I almost never truly took advantage of Sundays in college. One of those "don't know what you've got til it's gone" situations. I guess it's tough to embrace Sundays though when most of the other days don't feel all that different? There's always some work you could be doing, but not much you ever have to be doing.