Friday, September 6, 2013

How About 5 More Disney Songs?

Because five just wasn't enough.

Here's my order for five more, without repeating a movie:

5. Peter Pan - "What Made the Redman Red?"

Not a Disney classic, but every time I watched this part growing up, I wanted to be Michael paling around with the Redmen and smoking peace pipes.

4. Mulan - "Make a Man Out of You"

To be honest I've never seen this movie, but I've always been aware of this song and it's pretty sweet. Kind of gets you pumped up to go fight some Huns. Also could be useful when you need to argue with sushi delivery men that screwed up your order. It's not pretty but I've done it.

3. Tarzan "You'll Be in My Heart"

This is one of those songs that became bigger than the movie. Every once in a while you'll hear this baby on the radio, and you definitely crank the volume up and sing along. You probably just don't tell anyone about it. Phil Collins + Disney = pure gold.

2. The Jungle Book "Bare Necessities"

Possibly not as good as Hakuna Matata, but is definitely a pre-cursor to it in the coming of age Disney jungle story where the main character learns a more laid-back philosophy from a loveable beast. Love those songs. FranT and I have definitely subsisted (see: currently still subsist) on the Bare Necessities of life from time to time. 

1. Hercules "Go The Distance"

I absolutely love Greek mythology. In college I applied retro-actively for a minor in Classical Studies based on my courses taken, but the ivory towerists didn't think I had enough Greek/Latin language component. Guess I couldn't go the distance. But anyway, this is a no-brainer for me. The only thing better than Phil Collins + Disney is Michael Bolton + Disney. Absolute toga-dropper. This song is great at any time, but especially if you need to get motivated for a long drive, run or anything else where you need to...go the distance.

One interesting thing I found when I was looking up these songs and the movies they came from was that Disney has been churning out classics since the 1940's. Somewhat remarkably,  I just assumed that all good Disney movies came out in the early 90's right as I was consuming them. I wish I could say this is a joke, but it's true. How could Peter Pan be from the '50s? It came out right when I saw it, same with 10 or 15 other Disney movies, right?


  1. I'm pretty sure a song with the word "Redman" in the title featuring little kids smoking the peacepipe wouldn't have gone over well in any decade after the '50s.

  2. Your selection on Disney songs is dreadful

  3. The idea was 5 more! Fran monopolized all the good movies