Thursday, August 8, 2013

How Will Breaking Bad End?

This post is coming to you from the Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei. It turns out that the downside of going to the Philippines for your honeymoon is that the journey seems as long as A-Rod's upcoming steroid suspension.

Kerry and I are excited for our honeymoon, but we might miss a couple episodes of Breaking Bad's concluding season.

Other than baseball season ramping up toward the pennant race, I won't mind spending the next few weeks in blissful ignorance of all things American. Baseball and Breaking Bad for a tropical vaca--not a bad trade.

With that being said, here are the five most pertinent questions we hope to see answered in Breaking Bad's final eight episodes:

5. Who will get to all the money first?
Skyler showed Walt a stockpile of cash at a storage facility in an attempt to get Walt to give up the drug game. It almost worked, too. Now, viewers will get to see if Hank stumbles across the incriminating evidence before Walt can stash it somewhere.

4. Will Skyler finally get hers?
In a previous post, I compared Skyler to Adrian from the Rocky films. Obviously, I hope she meets an unseemly demise. Then again, that sounds a bit evil. Maybe I'm breaking bad, too.

3. Who will find the ricin Walt hid in the wall?
Walt tried to use ricin to kill Tuco and Gus, but both men were disposed of through other methods. He then hid the chemical behind an electrical outlet earlier in Season 5. Will Walt's toddler daughter Holly eat it? It seems like that's the sort of unintended consequence this subplot is heading toward.

2. What will happen between Walt and Jesse?
Jesse is the favorite character in our household, and Kerry hopes Jesse turns in Walt. I, however, can't envision Jesse as a rat. I'm thinking he'll end up finding out about Walt's multiple betrayals of him and end up killing him or being killed. Part of me also hopes Jesse escapes with a small fortune with his girl and her son.

1. Will Walt kill Hank?
A showdown between brothers-in-law appears likely. Hank had just begun to suspect Walt when we last saw him on the toilet. I'm thinking Hank is about to get up off his ass (literally) and start rapidly tying all these clues together. Can't wait to find out, so my friends better DVR the next few episodes for me.

Note: I wasn't neglecting my new wife as I wrote this. We had just been discussing the show when she fell asleep. Her jet-lag was probably the main reason for this blog.

I'll be back at the end of August. Kavanaugh should keep you company until then.

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