Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Does the Start of College Football Make Me Feel?

*It makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.
*It makes me feel like a college student again.
*It makes me feel like morning drinking.
*It makes me feel the same way a fat kid feels about cake. (Trademark: 50 Cent)
*It makes me feel like listening to this song...

...and this one.

*It makes me feel like re-reading Gene Wojciechowski's "College Football's 100 Greatest Things" article.
*It makes me feel confused about what a horned frog is, why a team called the Stanford Cardinal has a tree for a mascot, and what the hell makes Brutus a "buckeye."
*It makes me feel thankful that Johnny Manziel is only suspended for the first half of the first game.
*It makes me feel okay about the impending start of the school year.
*It makes me feel excited for Lee Corso's headgear.
*It makes me feel happy that I went to a school outside of college football-deprived New York.
*It makes me feel hopeful that our recent on-campus wedding will bring Notre Dame good luck.

*It makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. It really does.

Go Irish!

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