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How Would The Office & Seinfeld Characters Interact?

A favorite pastime of mine, on this blog or not, is searching for obscure tv show clips. It’s often related to this blog’s two favorite shows: Seinfeld and The Office, and one such search led me down an internet rabbit hole to a page that suggested what if the worlds of Seinfeld and Friends overlapped? I decided to skip right over that thought and sub in the Office for Friends, and thus: How Would The Office & Seinfeld characters interact?

The Premise: The Seinfeld crew is taking a trip out to the Poconos when they accidentally get on the wrong highway, have to pull off in Scranton for gas and figure out how to get back on track. “Scranton, Elaine. Scranton!” George has to go to the bathroom and the one at the gas station is closed, so he races into the closest building he sees, Dunder Mifflin...

Ten Interactions that take Place:

Kramer and Creed Are Old Friends
Cosmo Kramer and Creed Bratton actually go way back, in their vague, ridiculous pasts. The two of them somehow offset each other perfectly, and when re-united in Scranton they  are able to develop a plan to solve a major socioeconomic problem in America, but by the time Kramer leaves Scranton he has forgotten to get Creed’s address or phone number, and vice versa, and the plan is lost.

Jerry Flirts with Pam, making Jim jealous

Jerry strikes up a conversation with Pam at the front-desk and she can’t help but laugh at his observational humor and breakdowns of everyday occurrences, especially his bit on Office pleasantries with which Pam is all too familiar:

One of Jerry’s stand-up segments from the episode “The Revenge”..

[Middle Monologue]
JERRY: To me the most annoying thing about the couple of times that I did work in an office. Is that when you go in, in the morning you say Hi to everyone and for some reason throughout the day you have to continue to greet these people all day every time you see them. I mean you walk in "morning Bill, morning Bob, how you doing? fine" Ten minutes later you see him in the hall, "How ya doin'?" Every time you pass you gotta come up with another little greeting. You know you start racking your brains you know you do the little eyebrow "Hey" You start coming up with nicknames for them. "Jimbo."

Elaine Flirts with Jim, making Pam jealous

Jim witnesses Jerry & Pam and gets a little jealous, but instead of getting upset, decides to get even by flirting with Elaine. Elaine mistakes this ploy for genuine interest, consults with Jerry, and together they decide to break up Jim and Pam like they did Debra Messing and Cary Elwes with “The Wait Out”.

Dwight & George Become Enemies

George is dying to go to the bathroom, but Dwight says it’s employees only. Somehow George convinces him he is a former employee, and for the rest of the day Dwight tries to prove he’s lying but George always stays one step ahead of him.

Kramer & Meredith Hook Up

Meredith is a crazy red-head, a type that Kramer has a history with:

George Teaches Kevin New Tricks

George and Kevin bond over being stocky, slow-witted bald men. George’s diabolical genius teaches Kevin ways to find loopholes in the taxes and accounting for personal gain, and Kevin plans on following through with it before Angela becomes hip to the plan and squashes it.

Kramer and Kevin “dish” on food recipes

Jerry is Perplexed by Andy’s Preppy Attire

He keeps asking him about his bow ties, colorful pants and other preppy attire, and can’t get over that he’s the only one that finds it absurd. “I mean I can see in the Hamptons, but this is Scranton, Elaine..Scranton!”

Michael Tries to Talk New York Food & Culture with the Gang

Michael Gets Burned By the Seinfeld Gang

Michael welcomes them into Dunder Mifflin with open arms, but after it becomes apparent how awful of people they all are, he says they are “mean...mean people” and banishes them from Scranton forever. Jerry exits yelling “Ya can’t just banish someone from an entire city!”

This is a list that in theory could go on for awhile so I’d love to hear some more and eventually we can get a Part 2 going.

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