Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Did the Wedding Play Out? The Soundtrack

So as FranT mentioned, this past weekend we enjoyed the most significant event in the young life of this blog: FranT got hiTched.

In case you missed it or are just looking to re-live it, I'm going to paint the picture for you of what the #TolanWedding was like. Now you could hear a story from someone who was there, look at the hundreds of pictures that will surface, or listen to some of the songs played by DJ Rich George, but in order to help you really feel like you were there, I'm going to tell the story in one of this blog's favorite mediums: random YouTube videos and clips.

So everyone came in from different parts of the country via plane, train, and automobile. And early Thursday afternoon was the first time everyone started bumping into each other at the hotel and the Eddy Street Commons. The general attitude was :

Somehow that mood was tempered, at least for the wedding party, by the drill sergeant wedding co-ordinator who spelled out in detail what everyone's role was and when for the big day. I look at one of the other groomsmen and he's like:

Once that was over though, the good spirits were back. Before we knew it we had a hotel party and then were on to Legends Pub for the rehearsal dinner

Legends will never die in any of our eyes.

Next up was O'Rourke's Pub to keep the night going. In the back of everyone's mind was the idea that we had to not only get up at a reasonable hour the next day, but look pretty decent and sit through a mass. Despite that lingering feeling, everyone wanted to:

The next morning was a mad dash to sleep off the previous night but still have enough time to get ready. A few beers, a lot of hurry up and wait, but all that washed away when we were in the church, Pachelbel came on and the door opened to reveal the bride. Erryone in the place be like:

Meanwhile my boy FranT is standing in the aisle doing the ultimate:

After the ceremony, it was a whirlwind of flashing cameras and flowing bud lights. Also plenty of hurry up and wait. But it was a perfect Notre Dame afternoon and by the time we arrived at South Dining Hall for cocktail hour, it was on:

With 2 hours left in the wedding, I for one was totally like:

After that, things escalated quickly. They did, didn't they?

I woke up the next morning and I swear there was an awful ringing in my head:

Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. Leaving sucked, but it was okay because committed to memory were a weekend full of good times and special moments for Mr. and MrsT and everyone could agree on one thing: