Friday, July 19, 2013

How Awesome is the Shower Bug?

I did my best Frank the Tank impression today and accompanied the new ball-and-chain to Bed Bath & Beyond.

On the bright side, though, she allowed me to purchase our new home's transcendent decoration: The Shower Bug!

Yup, a bug-shaped shower radio, for all our bathing soundtrack needs. If that's not American*, I don't know what is.

*By "American," I really mean that The Shower Bug was made in a Chinese sweatshop.

So, to recap: I went out in the 100-degree heat and spent $500 at Bed Bath & Beyond, but at least I got a Shower Bug out of the trip. Talk about a moral victory.

Seriously, though, the Yonkers Bed Bath & Beyond trails only Guantanamo Bay for the title of Worst Place on Planet Earth.

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