Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Happy Are They, Jimmy?

Ya Know Ronnie, Folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico sure are happy.

How happy are they, Jimmy?

Happier than Kavanaugh talking about commercials! 

I love funny commercials. That might seem rather obvious (who doesn't?) but I've seen first-hand the corporate red tape that can prevent good ideas from coming to fruition. So truly funny commercials delight me a little more for this reason. And as a fellow tradesman in the craft of using “How ___” to great comedic effect, the Geico “Happier Than” commercials are some of my favorites. 

Here are my Top 5:

5. Paul Revere with a Cell Phone.

4. Mutombo Blocking Shots

3. Body Builder Directing Traffic

2. Antelope with Night Vision Goggles

1. Camel on a Wednesday


The biggest toss up for me was the order of 1 and 2, and the biggest drop off is probably after that. Another toss up was #5 - I chose Paul Revere and decided to leave "Christopher Columbus with a Speed Boat" off the list.

The other commercials I had no problem leaving off the list:

-Eddie Money running a travel agency

-Gallagher at a farmer's market

-A Witch at a broom factory

-Dracula at a blood drive

-Pillsbury doughboy getting patted down

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