Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Dumb am I?

Two of my favorite things -- my baseball team and my bar -- converged for a great night on Tuesday. The Rambling House in the Bronx chartered a bus to the Yankee game and I couldn't have asked for a better time. The beer was flowing, the laughs were plentiful, and many of my friends took the booze-filled bus to the game. Oh, and the Yankees won on a walk-off homer. The Bombers broke out of their power slump (at least temporarily) by hitting four homers, including a shot by Ichiro Suzuki in the bottom of the ninth. They hit three of their home runs off Yu Darvish, on of the best pitchers in baseball. In short, Wednesday night made me look smart one day after I posted a story entitled "How Great is Baseball?"

There was just one problem. I. Wasn't. There.

Even though most of my friends and favorite bartenders partied at the Stadium as the Yanks pulled out the dramatic win, I had chosen not to attend.

Now, I had a good reason. It was Honors Night at my school. Here's the point, though: You just never know when you're going to catch (or miss) an amazing baseball game. The worst experience I've ever had with missing a game happened when I was 10. My parents forced me to go to baseball practice instead of seeing Doc Gooden's no-hitter in 1996.

I should have patented that speech six years before Iverson delivered it. "Mom and Dad, we talking about practice. I'm gonna miss a Yankee game for practice. PRACTICE?"

Even though I missed the game on Wednesday, I'll have plenty of more chances to go to the ballpark this summer. I urge you to do the same. As if you needed further encouragement; baseball sells itself.

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